The Final

Final Paper In my final, I will be be first analyzing the importance in adult cartoons and the common misconception behind the lesson to teach. I will be using Family Guy, South Park, and Bob’s Burgers. After this, I will be comparing the three shows and arguing that Bob’s Burgers is the most effective in…

Bones of the Final

Annotated Bibliography Proposal for Final This contains the annotated bibliography proposal used for the final paper. In these, you will find the evidence I used to help me guide my research question and my goals in writing it.

Field Notes and Interview This contains research information and interviews used in the Sugar Baby Research paper. This paper can be found using the tags below.

Literacy in My Sister   This is a narrative on on how using literacy in my life ultimately saved my family. Literacy can be found in anything, however for me, literally learning about literacy in class gave me the ability to help my sister.

The Sugar Life A research paper that tell the untold story of the infamous “sugar babies”. With the use of the internet, interviews, and real life experiences, I was able to look into this mysterious life.